About Arrow Striping & Painting, Inc.

Our Fleet

We have many different trucks, machines and equipment. 

  • 2 seal coat tankers
  • 2 Johnson sweepers
  • 1 flatbed truck
  • 4 pickup trucks
  • 3 seal coat machines 
  • 6 marking machines (airless and air-atomizer)
  • 1 box van
  • 2 bulk seal coat trailers

Many customers like to know about the company and people behind the products they buy. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our company.

Our founder Wes Woods

During the 1950's Wes promised to beautify the area businesses.  He created Arrow Striping and Painting, Inc. In 1954, Arrow Striping and Painting was the only Pacific Northwest striping and seal coating contractor. Working 24 hours a day crews would run in shifts from one large project to another, leaving behind quality workmanship and happy clients. Wes had a dream to one day be able to hand his business that he worked so hard at over to his son Dennis Woods. His dream came true in 1984 when he passed the business to Dennis. When Dennis took over he worked hard to keep Arrow Striping growing so that one day his son could take his place as the president of the family business. In 2010 his dream was realized, his son Chad Woods is not only the President of Arrow Striping and Painting, he is the owner and operator.

The business has been helping out our local economy by providing jobs for 57 years and we plan to keep doing our part to help put Oregonians back to work. 

We use modern techniques and equipment on all jobs.  Currently we have 2 large tanker trailers with 5000 gallon tanks. We are able to do jobs of various sizes. We still operate the way Wes did "If a job is worth doing it's worth doing right."

Our Employees

All of our employees are professionally dressed with Arrow Striping and Painting hats and shirts. All employees are randomly drug tested. Our drivers are the safest on the road. All have been trained to operate the equipment safely. We under go safety training every month to provide a safe work place. We offer our employees very competitive wages.  Because we think if we pay top dollar for them they will produce the best quality results for our customers.